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One week left...
Well pastoral care [PC] has arrived and I am waiting on NT exegesis to arrive. PC has no exam but a great deal of written work. NT's text books are still coming...ho hum as is the work.

I finally rode a whole 1km [0.6 miles] and yes its a drop in the bucket but with Achilles tendinitis causing a fair degree of ouch I'm pleased with it. My goal is to ride 5 kms [3miles] a day and I take it up by about 200 meters a day. Weight training at home after bike riding is next to be bought in.

Spiritually there is an interesting change going on. Father [Christian God] is stepping back a great deal. He is still there but isn't as insistent as He has been. Not sure what is happening there. Yes, the Netcherw are taking a huge amount of my attention at the moment but the why of Dad's pull back is yet to be explained.

Ram is also more in my life again, so maybe that is it....but who knows. Otherwise things are quiet and content here. Now to go use the little grey cells...

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Here, have one more Metaphysical Operating System =)

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