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Well its a week shy of 5 months later since leaving HoN and I have to say that life has never been more interesting than it is now.

I spent the morning at the Org chatting with Juliette about my future training and picked up some more cd lectures to listen to.
Once I get my current study done I am going to do 3 courses and those will enable me to become an auditor and I will also be doing mainstream counseling to maintain perfect balance.

I do though have to say that 5 months on leaving was the better choice.  No, I am not happy with how it happened.  I am also rather unimpressed by certain 'friends'.  Having left a couple of churches before, I was thankfully well prepared and again I got to see certain behaviour that is less then impressive.  The thing is when you leave a church, you may change a bit but true/real friends should have the guts to stand by you despite what is said and have the guts to ask you directly what is happening and why.  Regretfully, basic sense seems to go out the window when religion is involved. 

Yes, there are some people I miss but they made their choices. They chose to take the weak way out, unfriend me and run with their tales between their legs and that is their problem.  Certain people I would never   be able to let back into my life.  I'm the type of person where your either all in or all out.  I will not accept anything less these days.  I don't have too.  As one friend said to me its better to have a small group around me than to have large group who really don't give a crap!!! 

Had they come to me directly I would have answered them directly.  I read the LJ comments and yes some stuff got back to me.  These days though, I laugh more about it than anything else.  I know most of you saw "karma biting me on the behind comment" and its things like that, that make me laugh myself to bits simply because I know full well I was and am on solid ground.  Don't think that my recent hard drive failure destroyed the I backed that externally some time ago.  And as advised those discs will be here for some time to come.

You see I am my Mother's daughter and never doubt one thing, Bast-Mut always remembers when Her children are treated badly and She does the repaying.  Its all in Mother's hands and I have perfect confidence that She will deal with a small group of people in Her own way.

And no I don't hate HoN, I do though have very strong opinions about certain things and those opinions the more I research, well the more strong they become and yes, I am doing something about that also...   Yes, I am totally able to support all of you who remain my friend and remain in HoN.  That goes without say because I don't give a shit if your green with purple dots, if your on my LJ list or Facebook, I care about you.  Full stop. 

So life for me goes on and I am pleased to say that I gained my final Beloved recently because He told me so in no uncertain terms, so now I am-

Sat Bast-Mut
Meryt Set her Djehuty her Sekhmet her Ra her Khepera.

What am I doing...I am starting a Kemetic fellowship, that may or may not become a church at a later date. Right now it has a very churchie name but I'm leaving some leeway as Org related stuff may get in the way of it becoming a church but its a place where Kemetic theology, texts, books and general fellowship can be had without the church hang ups. If you are interested, give me a yell via PM.  Its a private group for now.

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*loves you* for being YOU.

*hugs back* Messaged you back :)

Regretfully, basic sense seems to go out the window when religion is involved.

That is exactly the issue, right there. I think a lot of people are afraid of the truth because they think it somehow invalidates their entire belief system.

Then again, if your "faith" rests on a human institution and some idea that the people therein are not capable of mistakes (even potentially cruel/unthinkable ones); that is a problem in itself.

Religion is a human construct and IMO (though you may or may not agree), is very destructive. The most valuable thing I ever learned from group religion is that you can't blame spirit for humans using it against you.

You just hit the nail so totally on the head Jess. Faith should be a separate thing to organized religion always. People will always let others down even if they have the greatest intentions not too.

Yes, there is strong theological evidence that religion *is* a human construct and yes, it is very destructive. I have enough memories about what it took to leave the Mormon/LDS church to know how nasty and spiteful such an experience can be.

Its also interesting how spirit can be so totally screwed through foggy interpretation. I'd rather talk to a child of X and get their take on what X is saying rather than be told by a so called authority who says that X is saying something else.

It seems to be something hard-wired into the human social structure that causes back-biting and cruelty to come out of some when it comes to group dynamics. I've had it bite me more than once, and it sucks to be on the receiving end.

I have no problem understanding that religion is a creation of man as a means of understanding the Divine (in all its manifestations). The hang-up seems to be that for some people they seem to attach all sorts of validations to the origin of a belief.

When I was presenting to the Sociology of Religion class, one of the hang-ups that seemed to stumble some of them was the realization that people would follow religions that are new, and that the practitioners can be perfectly fine with that.

I've had the same experiences. When I left the Jehovah's Witnesses all of my 300+ friends immediately stopped speaking to me. It's what they are told to do and it boggled my mind that people are more willing to listen to someone in authority who says it's the right thing to do, than listen to their own hearts that says it's blatantly wrong. The authority says that not speaking to a person will bring the person to their senses and they will return. What it actually does is imparts the message that "you will be all alone and cut off from everyone until you return and then your opinion will never be trusted again because you were disfellowshipped/left". The authority says that unity of it's members is more important than truth, which I say truth is more important than unity. It's about control. Who has it, and who must give it up in order to be able to socialize with their friends and family.
I had "friends" remove me from FaceBook when I left. Now I did leave a post saying that if any wanted to do so it would be fine. I was just surprised who did and did not unfriend me. I thought I got along rather well with the ones who unfriended me. I thought a reason would have been nice, but nope, they couldn't bother with it. One person was polite enough to explain that she only has blood relations and HoN family on her FB. Which is fine.
Glad you're doing okay. Not sure about the "Kemetic" class discussions you're talking about as I'm just out of HoN. Not quite ready for it or any other religious path. Or any religious path for that matter.

I have no idea what happened, but I'd still like to be friends if you're cool with that. And I'm interested in your Kemetic fellowship, as well. :)

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