One week left...
Well pastoral care [PC] has arrived and I am waiting on NT exegesis to arrive. PC has no exam but a great deal of written work. NT's text books are still coming...ho hum as is the work.

I finally rode a whole 1km [0.6 miles] and yes its a drop in the bucket but with Achilles tendinitis causing a fair degree of ouch I'm pleased with it. My goal is to ride 5 kms [3miles] a day and I take it up by about 200 meters a day. Weight training at home after bike riding is next to be bought in.

Spiritually there is an interesting change going on. Father [Christian God] is stepping back a great deal. He is still there but isn't as insistent as He has been. Not sure what is happening there. Yes, the Netcherw are taking a huge amount of my attention at the moment but the why of Dad's pull back is yet to be explained.

Ram is also more in my life again, so maybe that is it....but who knows. Otherwise things are quiet and content here. Now to go use the little grey cells...

3 weeks left of holidays....
*Grins* well these holidays have truly been holidays with lots of reading, jigsaw puzzles and sleeping in. I still have a number of huge questions marks lingering in the spiritual sense. There are so many doors open and so many possibilities. I feel like I'm in an orchard surrounded by ripe fruit, ready to pick. It is a strange sensation when your use to less than perfect possibilities but hey, I am enjoying it all the same. Well that's about it from here :)

Om nom nom nom...bookie!

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Well its a week shy of 5 months later since leaving HoN and I have to say that life has never been more interesting than it is now.

I spent the morning at the Org chatting with Juliette about my future training and picked up some more cd lectures to listen to.
Once I get my current study done I am going to do 3 courses and those will enable me to become an auditor and I will also be doing mainstream counseling to maintain perfect balance.

I do though have to say that 5 months on leaving was the better choice.  No, I am not happy with how it happened.  I am also rather unimpressed by certain 'friends'.  Having left a couple of churches before, I was thankfully well prepared and again I got to see certain behaviour that is less then impressive.  The thing is when you leave a church, you may change a bit but true/real friends should have the guts to stand by you despite what is said and have the guts to ask you directly what is happening and why.  Regretfully, basic sense seems to go out the window when religion is involved. 

Yes, there are some people I miss but they made their choices. They chose to take the weak way out, unfriend me and run with their tales between their legs and that is their problem.  Certain people I would never   be able to let back into my life.  I'm the type of person where your either all in or all out.  I will not accept anything less these days.  I don't have too.  As one friend said to me its better to have a small group around me than to have large group who really don't give a crap!!! 

Had they come to me directly I would have answered them directly.  I read the LJ comments and yes some stuff got back to me.  These days though, I laugh more about it than anything else.  I know most of you saw "karma biting me on the behind comment" and its things like that, that make me laugh myself to bits simply because I know full well I was and am on solid ground.  Don't think that my recent hard drive failure destroyed the I backed that externally some time ago.  And as advised those discs will be here for some time to come.

You see I am my Mother's daughter and never doubt one thing, Bast-Mut always remembers when Her children are treated badly and She does the repaying.  Its all in Mother's hands and I have perfect confidence that She will deal with a small group of people in Her own way.

And no I don't hate HoN, I do though have very strong opinions about certain things and those opinions the more I research, well the more strong they become and yes, I am doing something about that also...   Yes, I am totally able to support all of you who remain my friend and remain in HoN.  That goes without say because I don't give a shit if your green with purple dots, if your on my LJ list or Facebook, I care about you.  Full stop. 

So life for me goes on and I am pleased to say that I gained my final Beloved recently because He told me so in no uncertain terms, so now I am-

Sat Bast-Mut
Meryt Set her Djehuty her Sekhmet her Ra her Khepera.

What am I doing...I am starting a Kemetic fellowship, that may or may not become a church at a later date. Right now it has a very churchie name but I'm leaving some leeway as Org related stuff may get in the way of it becoming a church but its a place where Kemetic theology, texts, books and general fellowship can be had without the church hang ups. If you are interested, give me a yell via PM.  Its a private group for now.

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*crawls in, waves at everyone and crawls back under uni book pile*


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